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The British Billionaire’s Bet (BWWM CLEAN Romance).
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***A Complete Story With NO CLIFFHANGER***

Tasha is a successful American Law professor who loves what she does. As someone who always has a sense of adventure, she pounces on an opportunity to teach Law in London for a year. But little does Tasha know how lonely she would feel in a new country, that is until she meets Chris.

Chris is a British Billionaire businessman who just doesn’t do relationships. As a lifelong player, him and his friends always try to one up each other with their latest conquests. When Chris makes a bet with his pals that he can pick up any girl in the club without telling her about his money, the game is on. But Chris takes on more than he can bargain for when he meets Tasha and realizes for the first time in his life, he has feelings for someone.

As their love story unfolds, Chris and Tasha face an emotional rollercoaster ride, involving jealous exes, plenty of drama, and face the reality of how to deal with their emotions when your relationship starts out based on a lie.

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The British Billionaire's Bet (BWWM CLEAN Romance)

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